6 Ways to Feel Calmer


6 Ways to Feel Calmer

When you’re stressed, it can be very hard to move away from this feeling and get yourself into a more relaxed place.

There are a few things you can do to boost your mood and reduce your stress levels so that you feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

Here are 6 tips to destress and get yourself into a calmer frame of mind!


Exercise releases “feel good” endorphins, which are strongly linked to mood.

Even just getting out and about for a gentle walk can help you to feel calmer. This is also a great opportunity to engage in a spot of mindful thinking – another way to deal with stress.

Listen to Music

When one of your favourite songs comes on the radio, chances are it makes you smile and perhaps you even feel compelled to sing along to it?

Music can have a big effect on how we feel and you probably already know that certain songs make you feel happier, for example.

Studies have shown that listening to music encourages your brain to release feel good dopamine so no wonder it lifts your mood when you hear music that you enjoy listening to!

Having a playlist that is full of songs that are guaranteed to make you feel happier can be a great option to turn to when you’re feeling stressed.

Breathing Exercises

When you feel stressed, it will often have an effect on how you breathe. For example, it’s common to find yourself hyperventilating (taking shallow breaths) rather than deeper breaths. This can become second nature and feel totally normal if you’re stressed a lot of the time, and you may not even be aware that this is the pattern you’ve fallen into.

Focusing on your breathing can be a quick and easy way to feel calmer. Taking a few deep breaths can retrain your breathing as it helps you to become aware of hyperventilation.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation can be a very effective way to de-stress and relieve tension in the muscles. It involves tensing different muscle groups and then relaxing them, which helps to release any stress that is being held in them.

Going Into Your “Happy Place”

Visualising a calming, relaxing place that makes you feel happy and less stressed can be instantly calming. Plus it helps to focus your mind and thoughts away from the source of your stress.

You may choose to think about a sun kissed beach and imagine the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand under your feet, for example. The images you conjure up can be literally anything as long as they have the effect of calming you and refocusing your mind.

Head to a Green Space

If you live in an urban area that has at least a few green spaces, you might want to head to one of these when you next need to de-stress.

Studies have shown that this is great for improving your mental health and well being, and that it can have a longer lasting effect than you might think.