How Blogging Can Help Your Health Business to Grow


You may have heard that having a regularly updated blog on your website will help to grow your business but as a health/wellness professional, you may wonder whether this applies to you and what the benefits may be for finding new clients.

Here are a few of the ways that blogging can help you to reach out to more clients:

More Clients Can Find You

Having more content on your website gives potential clients more opportunity to discover you and it opens the door to being found by people who aren’t necessarily even aware of how your services could help them.

A potential client may go online in the hope of finding some information on how they can manage a health condition and come across your blog post on how that very condition can be treated through hypnotherapy or aromatherapy, for example.

This person probably wasn’t even looking for a hypnotherapist or aromatherapist before they started searching and may not have had any idea of how you could help them before they found your blog post. Having read your post and realising that you understand their situation and are perfectly placed to support them, there’s a good chance that they’ll have a look around your site to find out more about you.

The end result? You’ve significantly increased your chances for potential clients arranging an assessment or booking an appointment with you because you recognised the importance of creating content on topics your clients are looking for information on and using targeted keywords to help these posts to show up in front of these people.

You Can Convert More Clients

The main focus for your blog posts should always be based on delivering high quality content that your readers can learn from but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a reasonably subtle call-to-action in your posts to encourage potential clients to arrange an assessment with you or book an appointment. Just be careful not to do an overly hard sell as this can put people off and makes it hard to build trust.

Your Brand Will Be Stronger

Your business is also a brand and this can be really important for encouraging potential clients to come to you for help and support. If they are in the market for working with someone in your niche, they may be looking at some of your competitors too.

To stand out over others, you need a strong brand and a regular supply of quality content can help with this. If potential clients like what they see from your blog, they’ll see you in a very positive light and can be persuaded to choose you.

You Can Build Stronger Authority

High quality content doesn’t just build trust with potential clients. It can also strengthen your authority in general, especially if your posts are linked to by other sites and gain backlinks that increase your domain authority. This can help you to rank higher in search engines and gives you more potential to get in front of potential clients.

How Long Will Results Take?

It’s unlikely that you’ll suddenly see a big surge in clients when you first start blogging and it can take a few months to start seeing results. Don’t let this put you off though!

The more you blog on topics that potential clients will be interested in, the more chance you have to get in front of them and convert them into clients, especially if you’re targeting keywords that aren’t . Once you have a steady stream of content on your blog, you can start seeing the benefits but it’s important not to give up too soon. Like all forms of content marketing, blogging is a long term strategy.