4 Ways Hypnotherapists Can Use Content Marketing to Get More Clients

4 Ways HypnotherapistsCan Use Content Marketingto Get More Clients

For most hypnotherapists, keeping a steady stream of clients coming through the door (or over the phone, if you also offer Skype and online sessions!) is likely to be one of your main stress points.

Most clients are only going to need a certain number of sessions before they’re able to overcome their issue(s) and move forwards and this can be just the one session for people looking to quit smoking, for example.

Word of mouth marketing from happy clients is one way to keep driving new business but what about reaching out to brand new clients who have no prior connection to you and may not even know that hypnotherapy can help them?

This is where content marketing can make a huge amount of difference to your business and help you to get in front of more potential clients.

If you’ve no idea where to start with this, I’ve got some tips to help you!

What is Content Marketing?

So, what exactly is content marketing?

It’s basically high quality information that will be useful and interesting for your potential clients, and it’s usually free for them to access.

This can come in quite a few different forms, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Lead magnets such as free downloads to capture subscriber emails
  • Guest posts
  • Emails (for after you’ve nabbed those all important subscriber emails!)

Why Use Content Marketing?

A lot of hypnotherapists are still relying on sites that are rather basic in terms of the information they provide and hoping that clients will reach out to them by phone or email to arrange a consultation or ask more questions.

The downside of this set up is that a lot of potential clients won’t do this, especially if they’re considering a few hypnotherapists in their area.

Most potential clients are going to want to know more about you (both as a hypnotherapist and a person), which you’ve probably got covered on your website already.

They’ll also be likely to have looked online to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help them with their particular situation. For example, maybe they’ve been looking for more details on whether they can quit smoking, lose weight or reduce anxiety through hypnotherapy.

If you’re not using content marketing, you’re relying on these clients deciding that hypnotherapy is the way to go and then looking up hypnotherapists in their area. This is fairly high risk as there’s no guarantees that they’ll ever come across your website, especially if you’re not optimising it for the kind of keywords that potential clients are using to find a hypnotherapist near them.

With content marketing, it can be a whole different ball game. If they can get this type of information on your site, there’s a lot more chance that they’ll find their way there when they start searching.

These same clients are more likely to find you and want to work with you so you can get ahead of your competitors and draw in more business.

This makes content marketing a great move for making you more visible as a hypnotherapist to the very people who are already interested in hypnotherapy as a solution to their problem(s).

Sounds good, right?

4 Examples of How Content Marketing Can Get You More Hypnotherapy Clients

Some of the ways that content marketing can help you to reach new hypnotherapy clients are:

Blog Posts

A regularly updated blog can bring more traffic to your website (some of which may then convert into more clients) and highlight your expertise as a hypnotherapist.

The key is to ensure that your blog posts are targeted at people wanting information of particular topics and writing with potential clients in mind.

If you optimise your blog posts for keywords that can help with this, potential clients are a lot more likely to find you.

Writing blog posts around topics that potential clients want information on can be a smarter move than having this same information on static pages on your website. Blogs are designed to be updated more than static pages so they’ll be crawled more often by search engines and are a great way to start ranking for keywords that can get you noticed by potential clients.

Having some information on static pages for the topics you treat a lot is still a good move as it can help you to rank for these keywords too but you can go into a lot more detail in blog posts. Google loves in depth, high quality content and it tends to rank better as a result.

Lead Magnets

Offering a free download on your website can be an easy and effective way to attract new subscribers to your email list.

For example you can do this through a free self hypnosis download or a short eBook with tips on how to choose a good hypnotherapist (to reach out to people who are looking for this kind of information).

Whatever you chose to offer, it should be genuinely useful for anyone who downloads (but not give away too much … you still want them to come and see you, obviously!).

Don’t have an email list at the moment? You’re missing a great opportunity to build trust with people who are interested in hypnotherapy but may not be ready to work with you right now. Maybe they don’t have the spare cash or just don’t feel ready to take that first step yet but they could be warmed up to the idea through your emails ready for when they decide to make contact with you.

Once you have potential clients on your email list, you can keep them updated with new blog posts that they may not see if they don’t visit your site regularly), offers and useful tips around issues you commonly treat, for example.

And if you want to take this to the next level, you can offer a range of lead magnets relating to specific issues that you treat and then arrange a series of autoresponder emails based around this. For example, you may offer a free download relating to weight loss and set up an autoresponder series that includes an offer specific to your weight loss sessions that are only available to people on your email list who have signed up through that particular download.


A short video on your homepage that features you talking about some of the main questions you get from clients can be a great way to build trust and show potential clients what they could expect if they come to you over another hypnotherapist.

This can be very powerful for hypnotherapy given that clients need to feel totally comfortable with you for hypnosis to get the best results. This video can help them to get a feel for how you speak, how you come across and whether they like the idea of working with you on a 1:1 basis.

If they’re considering more than one hypnotherapist, this could be just the push they need to reach out to you for a consultation.

Guest Posting

Guesting posting on other people’s blogs is another smart move and can help to grow your expertise/authority as a hypnotherapist, drive traffic back to your website and improve your SEO.  Ideally you’ll want to guest post on high quality sites that are read by potential clients.

Isn’t This Time Consuming?

If you’re already seeing at least a few clients, you’re probably wondering how to get time to fit content marketing into your busy schedule.

If you’re really pushed for time, you’re best to choose one tactic and do it as well as you can rather than trying to do them all and only skimming the surface.

If you just don’t have the time at all or you don’t relish the thought of doing content marketing, you can always look to outsource it to a writer who has experience in doing this for other hypnotherapists (like me!).

If you’re a hypnotherapist and have any questions about how to go about content marketing, feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Or if you want to know more about the services I offer to health & wellness professionals (including hypnotherapists – I’m currently working with quite a few) and what it’s like to work with me., just check out the links.