How to Write a Great About Page for Your Health Business

The About page is one of the most visited pages on the average website and for a lot of people, it’s also one of the most difficult to nail.

One big mistake that many health businesses make? Putting the focus solely on yourself and glossing over what you can do for your customers/clients.

Health and wellbeing is a hugely personal area and it’s vital to build trust as much as you can. Your About page is a great opportunity to do this, as long as you can strike the right tone and balance.

It’s true that your readers will usually want to know a little bit about who you are and what your business does but they have bigger concerns when they land on your About page … namely, how you can help them to improve their health and whether you’re the best fit for their needs. This is why it’s so important to write your About page with your audience in mind.

A few tips for writing an effective About page:

  • Have an in depth understanding of your audience before you write a single word of your About page. Not entirely sure who your customers/clients really are? Do a bit of delving first and get this part nailed. Doing this means you can resonate with your audience more effectively and they’ll know straight away if you’re the right fit for their needs.
  • Highlight your journey to where you are right now. A personal story can work great for this. Most readers will be turned off by a dry list of facts and you’re more likely to connect with them if they can see parts of themselves in your brand journey. This can be particularly effective if your journey was prompted by issues and problems that your audience is likely to be facing right now.
  • Focus on your customer needs. Briefly introducing a problem that your audience is facing can set this out right from the start. You don’t necessarily need to go deep in terms of emotions but you’ll want to make it obvious to your audience that you understand where they’re at and where they want to go in the future.
  • Once you’ve made it obvious how you can help your audience, you can move onto talking a little more personally about yourself. This isn’t always going to be relevant to your business but you can build more trust by doing it, especially if you’re a smaller company. Sharing personal info that isn’t relevant to your business (such as hobbies) can help you to connect on a deeper level with readers who are already sold on what you can do for them.
  • Finishing things off with a call-to-action (CTA) can avoid the chances of people moving away from your site without taking the time to connect with you for the future. A CTA can be anything from signing up to your newsletter to connecting with you on social media. Whatever you choose, try to make sure that it’s something that will keep you front of mind going forwards.
  • Don’t be afraid to weave in your personality, especially if you already have a fun brand voice on other pages of your website.

Need any help in writing your About page? I can write it from scratch or review your existing copy.