How Health Coaches Can Use Content to Get More Clients

How Health coaches can use content to grow their business

Content marketing can be hugely effective for growing your health coaching business. Before we dive into talking about how to use content to get more health coaching clients, let’s talk briefly about why it can work.

Creating high-quality content is a must. Your goal is to get in front of and connect with the kind of people who are in need of your health coaching services. To do this well, you need to know their pain points and be able to build a rapport with them.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy — you probably won’t get a ton of new clients overnight but if you stick at it, it can bring results.

Offer Value

The golden rule for most of your health coaching content is this: offer as much value as you can to potential clients. Inform and educate your audience about different aspects of health and wellbeing, for example. This can help build awareness of your services, which is a key part of your sales funnel.

When people sign up for coaching sessions with you, they’ll have a great idea of what to expect from you as they’ll already be impressed with the content you’re creating.

Think About Your Sales Funnel

You may get the odd client who signs up on the strength of one piece of content but most of the time, it’s a way to feed potential clients into your sales funnel. This can involve signing up for your email list, joining a private Facebook group or arranging a consultation session, for example.

Use the call-to-action on your content to start moving clients through your sales funnel. Getting them on your email list or in a Facebook group can work great for this. They’re a much more personal way to interact with potential clients and can a big return on ROI.

Don’t Oversell

One of the biggest content-related mistakes that health coaches make? Going overboard with the hard sell and not trying to make an emotional connection with potential clients.

Obviously, you want people to sign up for coaching sessions with you but it’s incredibly off-putting if the bulk of your content is focused on this. Aim for an 80/20 split between offering value and promoting your health coaching services.

Be Relatable

Sharing your health and wellness journey helps to show that you’re a real person who has achieved results for yourself and can do similar for clients. It can also help you tap into the main pain points of your audience since they’ll likely be struggling with the same type of issues that you’ve successfully overcome.

Niche Your Audience

As a health coach, it can be tempting to try to appeal to everyone with your content. This can mean that you cast your net really wide and fail to strike the right connection with any particular set of clients. And ultimately, that makes your content less effective.

Niching down to a specific audience can avoid this. It’s why so many health coaches choose to work with a very niche group of clients and focus their content on topics that appeal to their pain points. This could be busy moms who struggle to take care of themselves or women over 50, for example.

Commit to a Regular Posting Schedule

To get the most from the content you put out, pick a consistent schedule and stick to it. You might choose to upload new blogs every other Tuesday, send out emails every fortnight or upload a new Youtube video on Fridays, for example.

Posting new content weekly, fortnightly or monthly tends to have the best results — going months without a new piece of content can negate the benefits of using content to grow your health coaching business.

Your audience may even start to look forward to getting your emails in their inbox on a specific day or being able to read your next insightful blog post.

Posting regularly can be daunting when you’re super busy and this is often when you might think about working with a copywriter to either take care of your content needs altogether or support your efforts when you look likely to fall behind with your posting schedule.

If you need a hand with creating effective content for your health coaching business, send me an email to talk about your needs!