4 Reasons Why Your Program/Course Isn’t Selling

Imagine this scenario for a second.

You’ve created an awesome program or course that’s jam-packed with value.

You’ve spent forever making sure it’s full of content that will make a real impact for your ideal clients and you can’t wait for them to start their transformation.

You warm up your audience on social media and email. You start getting traffic to your sales page. Surely it’s going to sell like hotcakes once they see how amazing it is?!

Maybe you get the odd sale but for the most part, it’s just crickets.

You’ve got an engaged audience of ideal clients and you KNOW that your program is incredibly valuable.

So why didn’t it work?

Something has gone majorly wrong on your sales page and it cost you sales.

Not all sales pages convert, especially if you don’t know how to write one that works.

A few common mistakes include:

❓Your ideal clients can’t see themselves in the picture you’re painting. Your copy needs to make them feel that you’re speaking just to them.

Your program/course could be truly life-changing but if your ideal clients can’t see the value, they don’t buy. Getting them thinking, “wow, this is ME!” when they read your sales page is a game-changer.

The fix: Imagine you’re writing to just one person in your copy. What does this ideal client need to know before they’ll buy? Put yourself in their shoes as you write.

❓It’s not crystal clear what your ideal clients are paying for or investing in. They’re not sure how it all works or what they get. And that confusion puts them off.

The fix: Don’t skimp on details of how your program/course will work.

❓It’s all about you and not what’s in it for your ideal clients. Sure, you need some info about you and your background but not too much.

The fix: Make your ideal clients the focus.

❓Your copy is ultra long. Like most people, your ideal clients are busy and don’t want to read an epic sales page. If you’re saying the same thing in five different ways, you’ll lose their attention and miss out on the sale.

The fix: Check for repetitive info and see where you can tighten things up without losing key details.

Need help with your sales page? I can write it from scratch or review your existing copy. I also offer strategy sessions to help you write your sales page.