Owning Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is super important for helping you stand out from other wellness pros and connect people to your brand.

What IS your brand voice? In a nutshell, it’s the way you speak to your audience. Every piece of content and copy you put out uses your brand voice.

A few tips for nailing your brand voice:

💖 How do you want people to feel when they’ve interacted with your brand? As a wellness pro, this is probably going to be similar to how they’ll feel if they start working with you. These emotions can form a key part of your brand voice.

💖 Think of 3 things you want to come across as. Maybe you want to appear friendly, down to earth, or empowering, for example.

💖 What are the core values and messages you instill in your clients?

💖 How does your audience speak? If you work in a specific niche, you can sprinkle in language that they might use – especially if your ideal clients are a certain age or have clearly defined personality traits.

If you’re not sure about your brand voice, it’s always tempting to copy someone else’s. Find your own, even if you’d love to replicate their success and engagement!

Your audience can tell if your brand voice isn’t authentic and it can be a lot harder to form that all-important emotional connection with your ideal clients if you don’t really believe in your voice.

If you need any help in making sure your copy fits your brand voice, I’m here to help!