Copywriting Tips: Features Versus Benefits

Benefits are a huge part of writing good copy but they’re often sidelined in favour of features.

This is a mistake you definitely don’t want to make as it can seriously hurt your conversions!

What are features?

Features = the details that make your offer tick.

Things like coaching calls are a feature.

They tell your dream clients how your offer works and whether it’s going to serve them on a practical level.

But here’s the thing.

Your ideal clients won’t necessarily join the dots about exactly what’s in for them just from reading these features.

They probably won’t feel compelled to sign up because they’re not clear on why your offer is a great solution for them.

All they really understand at this point is how it works – not why they should take action.

And this is where benefits become so important for conversions.

What are benefits?

Benefits = the value your offer brings for your ideal clients and how it helps them.

Benefits tell your dream clients what the features of your offer actually mean for them. Often, they’ll tie in with emotions that people want to feel.

When it comes to buying, your dream clients want to know that your offer can improve their life or help them solve a problem.

When your sales copy is playing up the benefits of your offer, it’s easy for your ideal clients to see how you can do this for them.

Let’s go back to the coaching calls feature.

*What do your clients actually get from these calls?

*What value do they bring?

*What change or solution are they helping to create?

*What difference will that make to how they’ll feel?

These are the emotional benefits you’ll want to play up in your copy.

It also highlights the experience that they’ll get from working with you and the emotional change that will happen.

You can see why benefits are so key for showing your ideal clients why your offer is the best solution for their pain points, right?

Tying Features and Benefits Together

Features aren’t a bad thing – they give a good idea of how your offer works and whether it’s a good practical fit.

But playing up the benefits too builds a much stronger emotional connection and can form part of your overall marketing message.

For every feature of your offer, tie it into a benefit. Imagine that you’re one of your ideal clients and you’re weighing up whether to work with you. Dig deep into the benefits of each feature and keep asking yourself whether you would genuinely take action.

If the honest answer is no, keep tweaking the benefits until they become truly compelling.

When you’re creating sales copy, make sure the benefits of your offer are front and centre – not just the features!