Using FOMO In Your Sales Copy

FOMO can be a powerful way to get more conversions.

No-one enjoys the idea of missing out on something and this fear can be introduced into your sales copy to make your ideal clients want to jump on your offers.

Here’s how to use FOMO in your sales copy without feeling sleazy!

Deadlines – Nothing inspires people to act like a deadline! Feeling that they’ll miss out if they don’t take action can be incredibly powerful. The golden rule here is to stick to the deadline you set. If you keep extending it, it can reduce the FOMO and take away the incentive to act now, rather than later.

Social proof – Seeing that other people have already taken action is also inspiring. This can be as simple as including testimonials in your copy but you can take it a step further by using social proof notifications. You may have seen those sale notifications that pop up on sales pages to say that someone bought/signed up 5 minutes ago?

Adds-ons – Add-ons sells are another way to add some FOMO during the checkout process. They’ve already signed up for one thing but with the right wording on the copy, you can encourage them to feel that they’ll be missing out if they don’t add another item too. These add-ons can be a bit more expensive, cheaper, or the same price.

When you’re writing copy for adds-ons:

  • Highlight the value of adding another items. How will it help them to achieve their goals/transformation?
  • Make sure the add-on links to the original purchase and will be relevant and needed
  • Don’t go overboard with overly pushy copy

Special bonuses for the first X people who sign up – This FOMO tactic can work really well on sales pages, especially if your ideal clients are currently on the fence about signing up. You can offer special bonuses that are only available for 24 hours, for example. After that, they disappear for good and they really have missed out.