How To Sound Like You On Your Sales Page

One of the biggest challenges that my clients face is knowing how to sound natural on their sales page while also making sure it helps them to get more clients.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a sales page has to be written in a totally OTT way. The intent may be to sell but it doesn’t need to be dramatically different to the rest of your sales copy.

It’s true that a high-converting sales page will use sales psychology techniques to increase engagement, connect with your ideal clients and get more sales but you can still do this in a way that sounds natural, authentic, and like “you”.

One of the things I focus on when I’m writing sales page copy for clients or performing a copy critique of a client’s existing copy is the fine balance between sounding natural and incorporating psychological tactics.

It can be a big challenge, especially if you haven’t studied copywriting, and that’s why it’s often easier and less stressful to hand it over to someone who writes this kind of copy all the time.

You’ve probably seen examples of sales pages that feel incredibly pushy and are all but screaming “Buy! Buy! Buy!” from start to finish. And you’ve probably cringed at how it made you feel.

Your sales page doesn’t need to be like this!

It’s definitely possible to turn your sales page into a 24/7 sales machine without the copy feeling sleazy or OTT. Your sales page copy doesn’t need to feel like a hard sell.

In a nutshell, it’s all about helping your ideal client to see how they can solve their pain points and experience the change they’re craving through your offer. And ideally, you’ll do this by painting a really vivid picture of how that looks and tap into emotions.

There’s no need for a hard sell here – the transformation speaks for itself, especially if it’s truly life-changing.

You can establish your credibility and authority this way, rather than damaging it through too much hype and OTT language.

You’re building trust too by speaking to your ideal clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable and at the same time, letting them know how you can bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Using language that engages your ideal clients can be easier than you think and it’s a simple way to build more trust. They see themselves in the copy and immediately recognise that you get them.

Need A Helping Hand With Your Sales Page Copy?

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