Sales Page Audit Packages

Is your sales page not hitting the mark but you’re not sure what’s missing?

Instead of hiring a copywriter like me to write your sales page copy from scratch, you can book me to review your sales page instead.

I can help you to work out what needs changing and how you can tweak your copy and structure to make a bigger impact, while also staying true to your brand voice and personality.

I can support you with things like:

  • Making sure your sales page copy is easy-to-read and flows well
  • Ensuring the benefits of your offer are obvious (including ones you may not have included in your draft)
  • Highlighting your credibility to your ideal clients
  • Overcoming objections to the sale

Together, we can improve engagement on your sales page and sell more of your offers.

The end result? We’ll take your sales page copy from “good” to “great” and help those payment notifications to start rolling in.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • An in-depth analysis of your sales page copy and advice on how to make it sizzle
  • Email or social media support as you put the suggestions into action
  • Final review of your revised sales page copy

Ready to get your sales pages acting as your 24/7 selling machine? Book your review below!

Sizzling Sales Page Review Package