Launch In A Week

Launch ready copy that sells your offer

Launching can be super stressful, right?

You put your heart and soul into an offer you truly believe in but if your copy doesn’t hit the mark, it can all fall incredibly flat.

Right now, you’re:

  • Going over and over your sales copy and changing bits every time
  • Feeling like your sales copy is getting further away from what you want
  • Writing your sales copy with no idea if you’re doing it right
  • Fighting that nagging feeling that your copy could be doing more for you in selling your offers
  • Spending a ton of time trying to sell in your DM’s because your sales copy isn’t doing the hard work for you

What if you could take your sales copy from “ok” to “great”, even if you’ve got no clue where to start?

And what if your sales copy can start acting as your sales machine and get your dream clients signing up there and then? No selling in the DM’s needed!

And best of all, what if you could get all of your launch copy sorted in less than a week?

Introducing the Launch in a Week package ….

Imagine how much easier it’d be if you could hand over your sales copy to someone who can work their magic and make it sound like you?

With me in your corner, your sales copy can work smarter and harder for you.

You can stop stressing and enjoy your launches!

Option 1 – The Take It Off Your Plate Package

Get all of your launch copy written by a professional copywriter. You don’t have to write a single word!

Option 2 – The Launch Copy Critique Package

Get all of your launch copy reviewed by a professional copywriter (me!). This option includes a review of your initial draft versions, suggestions on how to tweak your copy for maximum impact, and a final review of your revised copy. If you need support from me while you do this, I’m available on email as part of the package.

NB: For this option to work, you’ll need to be able to make the suggested tweaks to your copy within a few days of your start date so I can fit the final review into the one-week timeframe. If this won’t be possible, let’s talk about how we can work together in a different capacity!

Getting started is super simple:

  • Apply to work with me and give me details of your launch needs
  • Once you’re approved, book a start date and make an initial deposit to secure your spot in my calendar
  • Arrange a payment plan to cover the rest
  • Get your sales copy a week after your start date

Who am I?

I’m Sally and I specialise in writing sales copy for wellpreneurs. I’ve worked with health and wellness businesses around the world to help them dominate their niche and get more clients/customers. I worked as a ghostwriter for years and am very used to writing in specific voices.

These days, I work exclusively with wellpreneurs so they can do more amazing work with the people who need them.

Here’s what some of my clients say!

“Thank you for helping me to write the sales page.

Even chatting about it was useful to me in developing the course.

I love how you covered people’s objections to signing up and we could address those on the sales page. 

It saved me so much time and effort to have your help! 

I’ve had the most sign-up for a course ever! And I still have 5 days to go of the launch.” – Rachel

“This is brilliant!

 I love it!

I love how you’ve taken the theme and carried that through to later explaining how hypnotherapy works to then offering my support.

It’s very informative too….in fact I think I’ll steal some excerpts for my social media!

I really wanted the right messaging to set the right tone from the start and that’s exactly what you’ve delivered.

There was a risk that I would have been a bit all over the place with this so I’m so pleased I handed it to you.

The process was easy and straightforward.” – Margaret

Strong sales copy is just days away!

Commonly asked questions

How do you make the copy sound like me?

I have systems that allow you me to immerse myself in your brand voice so I can replicate it as closely as possible. I have worked extensively as a ghostwriter for many health and wellness brands (and still do this to a lesser extent!) so I have a lot of experience in adapting my copy to sound like specific people and businesses.

How do I book a start date?

I ask all potential clients to submit an application so we can make sure your launch is a good fit. Once you’re approved, I’ll give you the link to my Calendly scheduler so you can pick a start date that works for you.

NB: I only take on a maximum of 1 client per week for Launch In 4 Days packages (both options) and start dates must be on the Monday or Tuesday of a given week so I can get you the copy by the end of that week.

How do I pay?

When you book a start date, you’ll be asked to make an initial deposit to guarantee your spot in my calendar. The remainder of the package can be made in installments, which we’ll agree when you book.

Payment can be made via PayPal, Stripe, Square or bank transfer.

What if I just need one piece of sales copy?

I write copy for sales pages, emails, landing pages, ads and web copy as standalone projects.

These are all available for audit packages too, if you’ve already written the copy and want the eye of a professional copywriter on it.

Get in touch to talk more!