Here’s what some of my very happy clients have said about working with me!

“Sally has been writing blogs for me for a few months now and I’m very impressed. Nothing is ever a problem for her and she is happy to write about whatever I ask – however her ideas are spot on.  She is very knowledgeable and really knows what she is doing. I intend on keeping her writing for me for a very long time. I’m glad I found her! “


Sally has written more than 20 health and fitness articles for me over the last several months.

Over that time, her communication has always been great. She diligently follows direction and writes articles that are well-researched and friendly to both the search engines and readers.

She has always been on time with her submissions, often delivering high-quality work much sooner than the due date.

I would recommend her to anyone in need of content writing services!

Keith Hutchings

“Sally was recommended to me by a fellow online editor at handbag.com in 2006. Like her, I was impressed by Sally’s professional manner, excellent ideas, and well researched features. Sally always delivers pitch-perfect copy and follows any briefs to the letter. Whether it’s in-depth health features or a celebrity-focused piece, Sally’s writing is always flawless and she is a real pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Alaina Vieru, National Magazine Company

“Sally is always full of great ideas, dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm. Her features are meticulous, well-researched and very readable – be it on health issues or celebrity dieting. With the huge amount of pitches we get sent to us, Sally and her work always stands out.”

Alaina Vieru, Features, Handbag.com 

“In a world filled with wanna-be writers and half-hearted journalists, Sally sets the standard for professionalism and true writing talent with her remarkable ability to put down on paper exactly what readers want to read in a tone that both informs and entertains those lucky to have read her writing. We are proud and honored to have had her as part of our ‘family,’ and without her exquisite and stylistic form, our publication would be just another periodical passed by visitors on their way to something else. Thank you, Sally.”

Jim Idema, Editor-in-Chief, Hot Psychology Magazine