Work With Me

Wondering what it’s like to work with me and what I can offer for you and your business? Here are the answers to some of the questions I’m asked by potential clients:

Do I Have to Commit to Regular Blog Posts?

Most of my clients who want blogging support ask me to create regular blog content to strengthen their online presence but if you only need a one off post to support your marketing or content on an ad hoc basis, I’m happy to do this too.

Can You Write Regular Blog Posts for Me?

I can write regular blog posts (for example, on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis), in line with how often you want to post. Just let me know how regularly you think you’ll need new content and I’ll do my best to fit this into my schedule!

Will You Come Up With Ideas for New Blog Posts for Me?

If you don’t have particular ideas in mind for new posts that you’d like me to write for your blog, I’m very happy to come up with some for you to choose from but I do charge slightly more for the extra time this takes.

If you just need me to write the content and already have the ideas in your head, just let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!

How Will You Make Blog Posts (and Other Content) Sound Like Me?

If you’ve previously written blog posts and have had to let that slide due to lack of time and other factors, I can use these to get as close to your natural writing style as possible so that future posts sound as though you’ve merely picked up where you left off.

And if you’ve previously had a social media presence or written some marketing materials, I can pick up the voice on these.

If we’re starting from scratch with your content, we can have a chat about how you’d like to come across in it and the style you feel most reflects your personality, and I’ll write in that style.

Either way, we can work together to make sure that the content sound like you and that you’re completely comfortable with being in your name before you accept them.

How Will You Make My Content Unique?

As I’m working with a number of clients in the health & wellness niche, you may worry that I’ll end up covering the same topics and that it’ll be hard to make sure that your content is unique enough. After all, there’s only so much you can say about some topics without rehashing everything that has been said before!

Here’s how it’ll work with us: If you come to me with a topic and I’ve covered much the same angle with another client, I’ll suggest ways that we can adjust the idea so that it’s more unique. This may be a different approach to the topic, for example. Adding in some of your personal experiences (either with clients or your own experience with a particular topic) can really help with this too as it’s unlikely that anyone else will have exactly the same take, even on a popular topic.

Will You Work With My Competitors?

I always look to create a strong working relationship with clients and I love helping clients to grow their business through our work together. If you let me, I’ll happily become a part of your marketing team (or your entire marketing team, if needs be!) and throw myself into supporting your business growth through my content.

This investment in our relationship means that when we commit to working together, I’ll agree not to take on any of your direct competitors while we’re working together – especially if you’re wanting more than a one off project (e.g. one blog post, one eBook or one lead magnet) from me.

When Will You Send Me New Posts?

In most cases, we’ll agree a particular day for me to send content through to you – in line with your needs.

For bigger projects such as an eBook or lead magnet, we can agree a particular deadline and I’ll send it to you on that date at the latest.

If we’re working together on regular content such as blog posts, I’ll let you know what my availability is looking like and when I can realistically get the first post to you and we can either keep to a similar schedule for new posts or agree a new day(s) to send posts through.

How Often Do I Pay You?

If you’re only needing one blog post per month, it’s most likely that we’ll agree for me to invoice on a monthly basis after this post has been written and approved by you.

If you’re wanting content more regularly than this (e.g. 2+ posts per month), I can also invoice once per month for all of these posts to make things easier for you to keep track of. Or if you prefer to pay for each post as soon as they’re written and approved, we can do this too.

I’ll usually invoice for social media content on a monthly basis, most probably at the end of a month.

For one off projects such as eBooks or lead magnets, I’ll generally invoice once you’ve approved the content and it’s good to go.

As I’m sure you understand, I’ll need to receive payment for an approved post before I start working on the next one for you. For social media content, I’ll need to receive payment before I start preparing content for the next month, 

How Do I Pay You?

Most of my clients pay via Paypal or bank transfer but I’m open to other payment options if these aren’t convenient for you.

Will People Know We’re Working Together?

The content I write for health/wellness businesses is almost always ghostwritten and appears in the client’s name. I don’t use these on my website or mention any of my ghostwriting clients by name (either on my website or on social media) so as far as the rest of the world is concerned, all of your content is written entirely by you!

I often retweet and share interesting content on social media from people working in the niches I write in (both publications and professionals). I retweet from a number of sources so it won’t be immediately obvious that we have any connection but just let me know if you’d prefer me not to retweet anything you post on social media once we’ve started working together.

Got any other questions about working together? Contact me today and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!